Global Variations Nodes 2018

Our launch event, the first annual Global Variations Nodes, will take place on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th of October at the ECAL in Renens, Switzerland.


The thematic experts will lead workshops on the theme of the year, AI for 2018, in parallel with the empowerment summit co-organized between GV and Empowerment foundation.


The very special thing is that we drafted a specific background course based on cognitive science and evolutionary psychology, 1-Flux, and we will give the training to our guests. We are on the process of writing a book on the issue of cognitive science and influence with Vincent Berthet, who is assistant professor in cognitive science and worked at ENS as a post-doc. 


The teaching will include the followings:

- Introduction to consciousness, perception and cognitive bias 

- Introduction to evolutionary psychology 

- Introduction to logical fallacies and fake news issues



GV Nodes 2018 - Previsional program
GVN 2018 - Program.pdf
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On the 4th of October, Mark Changizi, world renown cognitive science theorist will present an exciting analysis of our time and the big trends in change. We will also be joined by top level personalities from the AI word, as our event takes place within the Empowerment summit, who will run workshop for us about next innovations that can impact global governance.


The 5th of October will be dedicated to prospective scenario. Each guest will be paired and the nodes (duos of guests) will have to identify a major question about innovation and its consequences on global governance.  The idea is to create a group that thinks about the global geopolitical aspects of innovation using a mindset based on cognitive sciences.



Please note this is an invitation-only event exclusive to GV members and we are limited in capacity so be sure to register soon.

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