Global Variations is a think-tank pursuing a non-profit goal. It has been founded by Christian Dargnat, former CEO at BNP Paribas Asset Management and Joachim Son-Forget, french congressman and Phd in cognitive sciences. The team is international with a strong expertise in management, governance and innovation.


Joachim Son-Forget

President Switzerland

Franco-Kosovar. Member of the French Parliament, member of Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Assembly and President of the France-Korea Parliamentary Group. Radiologist, PhD in cognitives sciences from EPFL and graduated from ENS Paris.



Emeline Ozhan


Financial analyst and a portfolio manager specialized in sustainable finance with a strong quantitative background. Multiple experiences in portfolio management and a large analytical and research-oriented skill-set. Graduated from the University Panthéon- Sorbonne with a Master degree in Quantitative Finance. 

Jérome Berthier

Executive Director Switzerland

Serial Swiss entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence field : Vice- Chairman of the Bord  of Empowerment Foundation,  CEO and founder of


Dr. Pierre Durand


Physician, radiologist specialized in pediatric imaging and oncology imaging, he founded Horasis, a medtech company dedicated to diagnosis, telemedicine and technological innovation.


Abdallah Chatila


Abdallah Chatila is a libanese serial entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of the  m3 group based in Geneva. He participates as an advisor to the Global Variations Initiative.

Dr. Mark Changizi


Theoretical cognitive scientist. Ph.D. in applied mathematics and computer science, with 25 years of wisdom rigorously solving data-rich problems in a variety of complex areas, from artificial intelligence to neurotechnology to human factors to marketing. 


Dr. Vincent Berthet

Influencing strategy pole

Assistant Professor  at the University of Lorraine, member of the Laboratoire lorrain de psychologie et neurosciences and associate researcher at the Centre d’Economie de la Sorbonne. Mainly interested in cognitive biases, decision-making, and AI.

Matthieu Elie

Audit pole

Graduated in Econometrics from University of Panthéon-Sorbonne and from the University of Chicago (MBA). Vice President of the Asia Pacific Area for GUERBET.

Junior contributors

Edouard Lansiaux

Risks pole

French. MD student and MSc student in University of Lille. Anatomy teacher. Specializing in emergency risk analysis/management. 

Noé Tchagaspanian


Student in geopolitics and maths, partnership developper between Khammouan province (Laos) and student organization, technical marketing surveys in semiconductor technologies.