Pr. Steven Pinker's presentation
Events · 05. November 2018
Pr. Steven Pinker has presented his latest findings and his books « Enlightenment now » in a special session in the French National Assembly.

Global Variations Nodes 2018
Events · 04. October 2018
The Global Variations Nodes 2018 will take place on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th of October at the ECAL in Rennens, Switzerland. The thematic experts will lead workshops on the theme of the year, AI for 2018, in parallel with the empowerment summit co-organized between GV and Empowerment foundation.

Asian Leadership Conferences
Events · 16. May 2018
The 9th Asian Leadership Conference took place in Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul, Korea from May 16th to 17th 2018. It was held under the theme of ‘Globalization in Crisis: Navigating the World with New Opportunities'.